Dr. Susan Harrison is a professor in the Environmental Science and Policy Department. Her teaching currently includes Principles of Ecology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research seeks to understand the large-scale (biogeographic, evolutionary) and small-scale (ecological) forces controlling the diversity of plant communities.   In recent years her interests have turned toward understanding the effects of natural climatic variability and anthropogenic climate change. She has held positions including Research Associate, Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford (1986 – 1989); Postdoctoral Fellow, Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies, Stanford (1989); Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Population Biology, Imperial College at Silwood Park, England (1990 – 1991). She joined UC Davis in 1991.

Honors and Awards
  • International Recognition of Professional Excellence Award (International Ecology Institute, Oldendorf, Germany), 1996
  • Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, 2004
  • Fellow, Ecological Society of America, 2013