Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing

The mission of the Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing is to provide leadership in developing research methods that promote sustainable environments using applications of core geospatial technologies, their adoption by various sectors, and the training and transfer of these technologies to a diverse user community.

What is CSTARS?

The Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing is a global network of researchers using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) technology to solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems—especially those exacerbated by global climate change. CSTARS scientists come from many disciplines including Geospatial Information Systems, Ecology, Computer Science, Geography, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Soils and Biogeochemistry, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences. This multidisciplinary approach strengthens our understanding of the complex environmental problems we work on and ultimately allows us to remain on the forefront of cutting – edge remote sensing research and technique development.

What Does CSTARS do?

CSTARS’ research characterizes aspects of ecosystem processes and structure that address climate and land use changes, promote environmental sustainability and assess changes to ecosystem services. Working at all spatial scales, from the field to the globe, CSTARS utilizes geospatial technologies to develop new approaches for creating sustainable environments.

Collaborating to Create Climate Solutions 

The Center for Spatial technologies and Remote Sensing furthers the Institute of the Environment’s Mission to solve our world’s climate crisis through the use of innovative technology and a multidisciplinary approach. We recognize that a sustainable future can only be created through collaboration and are proud to work with CSTARS towards a sustainable environment for all. A donation to the Institute of the Environment supports these collaborative relationships and the work done at the Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing. For more information about CSTARS visit their website.

Director: Susan Ustin

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