Institute Overview

Our Vision

Using research, education and public engagement to inform decisions and advance solutions to the planet's most critical environmental, health, and energy challenges in support of healthy, sustainable, and resilient ecosystems and communities.

Our Mission

The Institute of the Environment's mission is to understand, solve, and communicate urgent environmental, climate, energy, and health challenges using research, education, and public engagement with a deep commitment to environmental and climate justice. 

Our work is motivated by collaborative action to produce knowledge and solutions to steward the environment, mitigate climate change, and sustain communities for generations to come.

Our Pillars

The Institute is organized around thematic pillars – transdisciplinary topics that integrate the work of our centers and programs to amplify the impacts this research has on creating real-world solutions.

We conduct solutions-focused research in these areas by fostering multidisciplinary research teams and translating the knowledge gained into impactful real-world solutions through partnerships with government agencies, businesses, and non-profit and community organizations.


Want to learn more? Contact us at environment@ucdavis.edu.


Institute Pillars