We seek private support from individuals, businesses, and public and private organizations for projects and initiatives that hold promise for improving societal understanding of the world’s systems. To us, your contribution is more than a donation; it is how we will to solve some of the most pressing environmental and social problems of the 21st century.

On behalf of everyone at the Institute of the Environment, thank you!

Ways To Give

General Giving Fund

A donation to the Institute of the Environment's general giving fund supports collaborative work on innovative solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems.

Give to One Climate

A donation to the One Climate fund supports interdisciplinary work to solve the complexities of climate change and reimagine a a world in which all people—and the planet—flourish.

Give to the Fellows Program

A donation to the Fellows Program supports the next cohort of fellows in their work to help further the Institute of the Environment's core environmental mission of solutions-based, policy-relevant research, education and outreach.

Give to the Scholars Program

A donation to the Scholars Program supports graduate students and post-docs whose focus is on policy-relevant research and projects aimed towards pressing environmental issues. 

Give to the Sustainability Scholars Program

A donation to the Sustainability Scholars Program supports internships, scholarships and grants for undergraduate students to be involved in immersive, hands-on experiences addressing cutting-edge sustainability and environmental justice issues.

Give to the Environmental Justice Project

A donation to the Environmental Justice project supports One Climate Initiative’s vision for equitable, collectively formed and economically viable climate solutions through community-based participatory research. 

Give to the Building for the Future Fund

A donation to the Building for the Future Fund supports development of new house construction materials and technologies for equitable, sustainable, and resilient houses that can withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires.