Our vision for the future and how we will get there 

At the Institute of the Environment, our mission is to discover, research, and solve pressing environmental and human health challenges.

As humanity is increasingly confronted with existential threats of diminishing natural resource supplies, environmental degradation, climate change, pollution, disease, and social unrest, we at the Institute of the Environment are poised to unleash our unique, inter-disciplinary approach to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.  

Our work is motivated by the unrivalled power of collaborative action and a shared, common belief that all people deserve access to clear air, safe drinking water, healthy food and a robust natural environment – the foundations of a prosperous economy and secure and sustainable society.  

At the Institute of the Environment, we strive to develop innovative solutions to help us achieve our overarching goals for disruptive problem-solving through novel research, education and outreach activities. This is a time like no other in which we are ready to guide the world through the environmental challenges of the 21st century – indeed, it’s part and parcel our collective DNA.