People gather to paint a mural on the side of a barn

Inspiring Environmental and Climate Action Through Art

During the last decade, artists have increasingly turned toward addressing social and ecological issues linked to the climate crisis, including food access, melting glaciers, and deforestation. This work packs an emotional punch that’s difficult to ignore – documenting a pressing reality and inspiring action.

The Institute of the Environment’s Inspiring Environmental and Climate Action Through Art program coordinates and supports student research and learning opportunities through partnerships centered around art as a medium to amplify awareness of climate change.

The inaugural project, the California Climate Art Trail, is adding to the urgent conversation around climate change. We’re partnering with students, youth groups, educators, farmers, agricultural organizations, and industry to create a series of murals throughout California showing how climate change affects agricultural communities and how these communities are combating the climate crisis.

Murals will be created on the sides of barns and in community parks and gardens. They will be objects of beauty in landscapes where public art is scarce or nonexistent. And they will help a range of Californians, including our young people, better understand the relationships among climate, agriculture, and human and environmental well-being.

Learn more about Inspiring Environmental and Climate Action Through Art and how you can help support the initiative by clicking here.