The Importance of Conserving California Biodiversity and the Birth of the California Sentinel Site Network


Event Date

Community Education Rm. at the Manetti Shrem Museum

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Join us on May 22nd in the Community Education Room at the Manetti Shrem Museum for a paneled discussion about California biodiversity, the future of wildlife monitoring across the state, and translating decades of data into meaningful solutions to solve some of our biggest environmental and ecological challenges. 

Dr. Gary Bucciarelli (UC Natural Reserve System, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology) will host conservation leaders and researchers to discuss the role of public, government, and private players in long-term conservation programs. 

Topics to be covered include the historical legacy of the Natural Reserve System and the ongoing importance of field stations for monitoring biodiversity; the role of government agencies in creating programs that inform and shape conservation policies to benefit society; the contribution of private and non-public lands to protecting habitat and offering spaces to test novel conservation-related technologies; and how the state of California is leading a data-informed ambitious project to set aside 30% of the state for conservation by 2030 and what we might learn about biodiversity by monitoring nature at these protected lands. 

The event is free and everyone is encouraged to attend. The discussion will be following by a Q&A session with the audience. 

Steve Monfort, UC NRS, Executive Director
Meghan Hertel, CA Natural Resources Agency, Deputy Secretary, Biodiversity and Habitat
Carmen Blackwood, NASA JPL
Whitney Albright, CDFW, Science Institute
Nurit Katz, UCLA, Chief Sustainability Officer
Daniel Karp, UC Davis, WFCB