2022-23 Natural Resources Workforce Development Fellowship Collaborative Team Science Training

Southwest Climate Adaption Science Center

The SW CASC NRWD Fellowship was developed to provide graduate students with opportunities for training and practice in developing use-inspired and actionable science to inform natural resource management decisions. Those selected will make up a team of 8 scientists, working together over the course of twelve months on this year's science theme: Climate-informed management of natural resources in aquatic ecosystems to support effective climate adaptation.

There is an urgent need to augment our understanding of the consequences for aquatic ecosystems of more frequent and higher intensity wildfires that can lead to significant degradation and loss of riparian and forest vegetation and transform the structure and function of streams, rivers, and estuaries. We seek applicants with active research interests in this area. Relevant disciplines are by no means limited to biophysical sciences. We interpret relevant research interests broadly.

The Fellowship will begin at the end of September 2022 and extend through October 2023. Funding includes a stipend of $7,000, with an additional travel allowance of $1,000 for travel to each of two meetings to be held at Utah State
University, Logan, Utah.

Program is for currently enrolled graduate students in research-based thesis or dissertation-granting programs at the seven SW CASC consortium institutions (see map below). For more information click here.